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My Story


 Hi Everyone. Firstly, Welcome! 

If you are on my site it means I have sparked your curiosity about how to get to a life you envision – which is exactly what I hoped it would do. 

Traditionally the “About Me” Section is a little more refined, but I have often struggled with my story and feel it’s best to share straight from my heart, in my words, and in my way. It honors my most authentic self, and that is important to me. So here we go.

I am a certified life, health and grief coach. (who has a passion for making clean products – but that is story for another day) Many of you may be wondering what a coach is or what that means, well let’s start with my story, and see if I can help clarify along the way.  

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a coach, but somewhere early on in my life, I figured out that I am a nurturer and a caregiver by heart. Part of my life’s purpose is to help others, and I take deep pride in that. It became clearer in my teen years that I was always the one my friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances turned to when things got really dark in their life and they needed a safe space to talk about it. I became a massage therapist as a way to help those feel better both inside and out. Practicing for over 10 years before the corporate world had a way of pulling me away from the work that gave me so much satisfaction.

…….And down the rabbit hole I went. 

As I started to build my corporate career - reaching middle management by the time mid-twenties - I was on call 24 hours a day, responsible for over 50 employees, and burning out fast. I was gaining weight, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, eating from the vending machine in between meetings. To top that off I was in a relationship that was probably farther from healthy than I would sometimes like to admit. Classic story right? We have all been here or are here right?

But it wasn’t until my dad was diagnosed with a version of ALS call Bulbar Palsy, on top of my already chaotic life that things really started to get “interesting”. I lived the 9 months from diagnosis to his passing – to serve him on top of a world already filled with pressure and chaos. I struggled to give him as much time as I could. I worried over a small cough or sniffle and if it would make things worse for him. I somehow blocked off almost all emotion to survive the last nine months of his life - so much so, that I couldn’t – I repeat Couldn’t - cry at his funeral. Although you are “prepared” in some sense, you are NEVER prepared to lose someone. Life after his death changed drastically and in directions I never imagined. None of them were anything I would have considered good. Slowly piece by piece I was falling apart and under the ignorance that I was elegantly keeping it together – till one day it all shattered. And I mean shattered. 

I hated my job, I struggled to find a new “normal”, My relationship was suffering, I made a huge move, I quit smoking, gained a world of health issues (and 60 lbs) in 6 weeks, had countless doctors ignore me and shuffle me out the door while telling me to eat less and run more. Not understanding or listening at all to all of the measures I was already taking. Feeling unheard, lost, ignored, and kicked in a corner - Life needed to change, I needed help, and I had no idea where to look for it. So I just started reaching out everywhere I could. I made appointments with everyone and anyone to get help, and I tried everything. I was more scared to think of what would happen to me if I didn’t find the help – and that it was my driving force to just keep looking for something that would. Thank my stars, I tried a life coach. I had no idea what it was – but at this point – sign me up. And I couldn’t be happier that I did. 

Now you may think that this is what inspired me. And to some degree it is…. because I’m not going to lie – she was pretty amazing. But I spent a lot of time with her before we even started to examine how I could make lasting, super scary changes to my life that would make it more fulfilling. I did a lot of self-discovery work, and got extremely curious about what it was in life that truly got me excited. I tapped into my inner scientific nerd and discovered becoming a coach was just the perfect fit. So I went back to school, and I started my amazing journey.

So how I ended up being a life, health AND grief coach…..

Life Coaching: 

I am an absolutely nerd for all things self-discovery, self-reflective, self-loving, mindful, and meditative….. I could go on. I read every book I can (preferably audio-books). Take every course I can. I just can’t get enough of this stuff. Trust me. It will change your life if you let it. I have had very few things in life I have been truly passionate about, but this is definitely one of them. 

I like to balance myself and my approaches somewhere between the teachings/theory, and the real world. We often will look at things and say “I wish it was that easy” because books, self-help guides and other things often make it sound that way – but in the real world… well that’s not always the case. I balance myself in the gap of understanding how challenging it can sometimes be, with tools that can actually make that change happen. The trick for me in any life situation has always been about the balance. (And being honest and real with oneself, can’t get anywhere without that)

Health Coaching: 

When I decided to take life coaching it was just a natural fit to take a course that paired the health and life together. I attended IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) because it not only blended the lifesaving health information that I needed to learn and teach myself (as I was still struggling to find out what my health issues were) but also taught critical life coaching skills to go along with that. They blend the information beautifully, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a graduate of theirs.


*If you are interested in attending IIN – I am an ambassador and would be happy to discuss and refer you to the school (you also get extra goodies this way) – It’s a free chat just message me

Learning these skills has been so critical in my world. I struggled to find support by our health care system like so many, and I had to educate myself and find things that worked for me. Nothing is more heart-breaking and detrimental to one’s mental health then being told you are not doing enough to change your health when you are doing everything you can think of. There is such a strong stigma that if you only eat better and work out more that you will lose weight (and for a lot of people it does work) – but sometimes it is just plain wrong and there is so much more that needs to happen to make those things even work for you. I am not what most would consider a picture of perfect health.

I struggled for years with self-acceptance issues, and fitting a mould that I felt I had to be part of to teach health. I worked long and hard to reach a place where I can honor where I am at, and being okay in a body that feels so uncomfortable and foreign to me. I may not an ideal weight, shape and size, but unbeknownst to most people – I eat clean, I exercise, and I visit my functional doctor every three months for more “investigative” work, and am always continuing to learn and grow. I may not look the part but I can assure you I am someone who understands the struggles, the discouragement of trying diet after diet, method after method, doctor after doctor – And I now have a wonderful toolbox full of tips and tricks that keep you on an encouraged path when things get a little more complicated than just changing food and diet. There is a reason people gain weight back after a diet, and there is far more to it than one can imagine. So get off the diet band wagon, and be daring enough to try something different. Redefine what healthy looks like to you, because it is far more than just what you look like. And there are far more way to be satisfied with life, than by just what you see in the mirror. 

Grief Coaching: 

My biggest, deepest passion of the three. Grief coaching is a new industry and this is NOT an area that everyone is ABLE to do. Like all other areas of my life, the balance between experience and theory – along with the right personality paired with amazing tools – is not only important but critical. Throw in some mindfulness skills, Self-Love, and a method that embraces all….. And you have an approach to grief that is unlike any other. And honestly, I couldn’t be more proud. 

Dealing with Grief is hard, and from the moment I decided to be a life coach I knew grief was going to be part of that picture in some way. While I speak the most about the loss of my dad, the truth is that I have been through so many other grief journeys in my lifetime, starting from the age of 10. I have lost over 30+ friends in various ways. From sudden to the foreseen. From peaceful to heart wrenching. The Pine Lake Tornado directly impacted my family’s life. And in recent years I have lost a number of loved ones who were very close to me. All of that also includes a variety of pets that I have lost over the years. 

Each and every grief journey is unique and different and should be embraced as such. 

While many think that grief is only limited to a physical loss, that just simply is not the case. Life changes and transitions such as divorce, relocation's, job loss, health changes, life changes (to name a few) all have a grief element to them as well. And I have had my fair share of these experiences too. 

As I looked back to all the journey’s that I had – I realized that each and every time that I looked for or reached out for help in my grief, I struggled to find it, and often opted to walk by myself through the journey.  This means if the options I looked for were limited, often full, or not the right fit, it means other’s struggle with the same issues - that is no longer an acceptable answer in my world, especially if I possess the skills to help. Nothing is more heartbreaking to me than hearing that someone feels alone in their grief. This just shouldn’t happen. 

Grief is something approach with compassion, openness and honesty in a super safe and warm space. I style and build a variety of support groups and systems that are as unique as each individual – and we will talk that journey together. 

Today, I am far happier, healthier, and prouder and more confident in who I am and where I am going. I have embraced the journey that has made me… ME!  

have an amazing partner in life. A beautiful family and support system. I have found a calm space in this world that brings me happiness and peace. And one of my biggest Joy’s is being able to help you get to whatever life it is that you want to embrace. Even if you don’t know what that is…. We will do it together. 

Enough about me though…. I would love to hear and learn more about you.

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