Grief & the Loss of a Loved One.


Did you know that in ancient times we had rituals such as wearing dark colors or shaving our eyebrows, so that others would know we were mourning and would assist us?

While we still have beliefs and rituals, many of them don't last longer than the funeral. Which often leaves us on our own to grieve and mourn after only a short period of time. Losing a loved one is never an easy journey, and the grief and mourning process is not meant to be endured alone. 

When I became a coach - it was critical for me to include grief (in all it's forms) as part of my offerings and business. After losing many loved ones through out my life- it has become a deep set passion to accompany others on their journey, and provide a warm, safe place for one to experience their grief & help those heal from the loss of a loved one. 

I offer an ever growing variety of support options. I strive to always have an option available and something for everyone - no matter who you have lost, what stage you are at, or how long you have been grieving. 


Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and are looking for support? 

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Did You Know.....

Workshops, Support Groups, Retreats, and other offerings are always being added?

They are also offered both in-person and online for absolute flexibility. 

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This 12-week program, combines new age group coaching techniques, with Mindfulness, with Dr Wolfelt's methods - to provide a truly unique approach to our healing journey. 

Each weekly meeting discusses different topics, and 

leave room for open group discussion and sharing. 

Each program includes: 2 books, 2 private coaching sessions, a grief healing aid package full of goodies, exclusive Facebook group and email support between sessions. (To name just a few).

It is recommended for anyone new to grief, those who have never done a grief program or those who would like to 

complete one again. 

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There are just some things that may be hard to grieve and mourn in a group setting. Or maybe you were unexpectedly triggered by something and need someone to talk to. This is also a great option for those waiting for a program or group to start. 

Private Coaching Sessions are the perfect solution to those looking for a safe warm space to grieve. Whether you use these sessions on their own, as a way to get ready for a group, or in addition to any group program - private coaching sessions offer that one on one custom approach that is often needed in the grieving process.

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Groups are a beautiful, safe way to connect with others who

 understand the journey that you are on. 

After all - Grief is not meant to be challenged alone. 

There is a wide variety of groups to choose from, and this list is always growing. Groups will vary from:

-> Open ended General - By Donation - Drop in Sessions to 

-> Closed ended, Group Specific, Paid Sessions     

                                        .......And everything in between. 

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I have designed workshops and seminars to cover a variety of topics that are not covered elsewhere. These are great additions to any program or taken on their own. You can also request custom topics for your group, gathering or event. 

Topics can include: 

- How to Help a Loved One who Received a Terminal Diagnosis

- Introduction to Grief Support (What are the different options)

- Exploring the world of Alternative Healing Methods

- Grief and Essential Oils       - Grief Before Loss (How do I do this?)

- Help a Loved One Grieve          - Common Myths Dispelled ... etc.

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 Need to get away to a warm safe place that you can explore your grief, and start or continue your journey of healing?

I try to offer retreats various times through out the year. 

Locations, Duration, Content, and Timing will vary. 

If you are interested in attending, requesting a custom retreat or getting more information - please email me.

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Social Nights.

 Each month we will have a social night designed specifically for those who are on their grief journey. The venue will change each month but the fun, warm atmosphere will stay the same.

This night is not only meant to be a fun and light-hearted but also one that embraces those on their grief journey.
We often feel super awkward in social situations because a grief burst can happen anytime. This social night is meant to give us a warm safe space to laugh, cry, share stories, or let loose. To do whatever feels right for you in a judgment-free space with others on the same journey. 

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