Life Coaching

What Does a Life Coach Do?

I heard the phrase – “Everyone needs a life coach – they just don’t know they need a life coach!” ~unknown. And it always stuck with me because it is absolutely true. 

If you have never worked with a life coach before you will understand how true this phrase is when you start. Life coaching is the second fastest growing profession in the world, and the reason why – because it works for people. 

I always ask people. Do you just expect your child to know how to play soccer? Or just master the guitar? Probably not. So why is it that you expect yourself just to know how to deal with life issues, and master every aspect of your life with flawless gracefulness. (Because I know that would be amazing but it’s not very realistic right!)  

Life coaching ultimately helps you get through life challenges (any and all of them). From those tough relationships issues – to finances – to health issues. (those are only a few). We help you identify barriers and uncover those limiting beliefs that are standing in your way. A coach will help define your vision. Find out what drives you, even if you don’t know. And all while working alongside you to break habits, patterns and break down walls that have all gotten in your way. Coaches will ensure that you are not settling for limited goals or being too negative as you assess your position by helping you calibrate your long and short-term goals against your core values. Coaches have a toolbox full of resources that fit to your life, and game plan. 

What make a coach different from other professionals is that we work with you. Let me repeat that… we work alongside you. That’s right! As a teammate. We brainstorm with you. We decide with you what works. We are there when you get discouraged and we know how to peel back the layers to find out why it’s not. We support you in your actions, help you along your path, and never assume that something is wrong with you. You are a beautiful being and soul, and we don’t ever work on the premise that we need to fix you. We will give you tools to help cope with tough situations, and calculate steps that work best for you to achieve the life you are yearning to live. One filled with love, light and joy. 

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Different Ways Coaching Can Help You

Private Sessions

Divine Life by Design. Private Coaching Sessions. One on One Coaching. Life Coaching. Grief Coaching

This is your personal private time and where the most magic happens. We work together one on one to come up with customized solutions for you.

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Divine Life by Design. Workshops. Seminars. Classes. Retreats. Life Coach. Health Coach. Grief Coach

Retreats are a great way to get away, disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. From Grief, to Self acceptance, to Life skills....

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Divine Life by Design. Workshops. Seminars. Classes. Retreats. Life Coach. Health Coach. Grief Coach

Workshops are a great way to connect with other like-minded people. I cover topics including health & wellness, grief, and new age therapies. 

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Online Courses

Divine Life by Design. Workshops. Seminars. Classes. Retreats. Life Coach. Health Coach. Grief Coach

The newest edition to the Divine Life Family. I am currently creating and redesigning several courses that can be completed online. They come complete with private sessions with me. 

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Divine Life by Design. Programs. Courses. Health Coaching. Grief Coaching. Life Coaching.

On your Grief Journey? Have Thyroid Issues? Programs are great because they get and keep you moving on your journey. These are offered both Privately, and in a group setting. 

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Request Customized Services

Divine Life by Design. Customized health & wellness programs, grief services for your business needs

Are you looking for a custom course or service for your business, retreat, or practice? Tell me your visions and needs and we can build it together. 

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